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With this issue, the unimaginable has never been easier! Ogre Miniatures Lite. This is the ultimate quick reference sheet for experienced Ogre players, or an excellent learning tool for new players! It is also included in every copy of Ogre Miniatures Set 1. Ogre Miniatures Lite includes the most commonly referenced rules, the Combat Results Table, a handy visual reference guide, tactical advice, and a ruler marked for the unit ranges.

And it's a freebie! Ogre Stream Overlays. This 4-page mini-supplement brings the stream terrain overlay to Ogre Sixth Edition. It includes the rules for streams in the game as well as suggested maps for use with the standard scenarios. In addition, there is a scenario designed to introduce these rules to new players.

And best of all, it's free! Ghosts Love Candy. Haunt trick-or-treaters so they'll leave you their sugary treats — collect more than your spectral opponents, and you win!

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But don't scare the costumed kids too much, or they'll run away — and that means less candy for you! Pay special attention to the kids' unique powers, too; each one is themed to their Halloween costume. May the savviest spook win! The ghost, kid, and candy cards feature frighteningly adorable art.

This is the cutest game you've ever played about a haunting! It's scary, fast-playing fun for three to six phantoms. Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition. Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions! Fly through the city. Smash the villains.

Backstab your teammates and grab their gadgets. Reach level ten and win! This Guest Artist Edition joins the unique visual style of comic creator Lar deSouza with Super Munchkin -- a parody of capes, utility belts, day-saving, and nemeses. DeSouza's stylized comic art perfectly suits the game's pulpy sense of fun.

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Be a Mutant , an Exotic , a Mystic , or a Techno. The higher your Level, the more Powers you can have. Battle dastardly masterminds, devastating monsters, and invading aliens from the next dimension -- from the wimpy Bucketman all the way up to the Big Ol' Planet Eater Guy himself. Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is a stand-alone game, which of course can be combined with other Munchkin games. For more information about the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions , please read the press release.

Add the School Bus die to your Zombie Dice game for all sorts of craziness! The School Bus is full of tasty brains, but those kids are packing shotguns, too. You might find yourself chowing down on a brain buffet, chasing runners off the bus, getting run over, or getting double-shotgunned!

A sided school bus die, 14 brain and shotgun counters, rulesheet. Another cards for the best-selling game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play a new Race: Gnomes! Try on the Bard Class. And this set has a special treat. We asked five of our favorite Comic Guys to do one card each. Inside you'll find:. This is not a standalone game. It is an expansion for Munchkin. Munchkin 5 -- De-Ranged. All the munchkin-ism of a prestige class, with none of that annoying roleplaying stuff. Go for all three.

Cardboard Heroes Castles: Walls and Towers. Cardboard Heroes Castles are great-looking 3-D structures that are easy to set up for play. This set continues the Cardboard Heroes tradition of great miniatures and accessories, with four towers and four walls plus assorted castle goodies. Assemble a set as a full castle or two smaller strongpoints. Cardboard Heroes Castles are full-color, gorgeous, and designed to be portable. And with multiple sets, you can make your fortress the envy of the surrounding kingdoms! This digital edition is trickier than most other Cardboard Heroes PDFs, since the original set was printed on oversized cardstock, die-cut, and scored.

Please read the instructions in the preview and make sure you're up to the challenge; this set is not for the faint of heart! To rise against adversity, you must first understand the problems you face. This issue of Pyramid , the PDF magazine for roleplayers, presents a variety of setbacks and obstacles for adventurers to overcome. David L. With this issue, it's the right time for things to go wrong!


Gurps Dragons Reprint

Ogre Scenario Book 3. Ogre Scenario Book 3 has nine new scenarios to expand your Ogre battles. An Ogre questions its luck in "Gauntlet" as it returns home. And in "Sidewinder," the map is turned on its side, changing the dynamics of the terrain for both the Ogre and the defenders. These and six other scenarios are curated for your enjoyment!

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In addition to Ogre Scenario Book 3 , be sure to check out these other collections of Ogre scenarios:. For centuries, East met West along the Silk Road. Travel with rare goods through bandit country, navigate micro-wars for dominance, or quest for holy lore and artifacts. Use The Silk Road and its included maps in your historical campaigns. Munchkin Pathfinder 2 - Guns and Razzes. In this expansion, you get a new class and a new faction for the hit game Munchkin Pathfinder!

You can become a Gunslinger and shoot 'em up in the popular Pathfinder setting. Or you can join the Razmiran Vision , a new faction that benefits from backstabbing. What could be more Munchkin? Plus, there are plenty of new Monsters and Treasures in this card supplement. When brute force won't get the job done, you need someone with.

A specialist. Preferably someone who doesn't let a lot of nagging concerns about law or morality get in the way. Whether you're looking for just the right character to round out an adventuring party, or a dangerous NPC to challenge your players, GURPS Rogues has what you need — 29 different templates, letting you quickly create the scoundrel that's right for the job.

Each template comes with four complete characters, drawn from a wide range of settings. All told, you get ready-to-use sample characters, as well as historical background and information on the technology and tactics that shaped their professions. They lead the way and take the lumps. When it all falls apart, they cover the retreat. Some live for a cause; some die for it.

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They are warriors. The warrior is the backbone of every adventure group. GURPS Warriors gives you 29 fighter templates, letting you quickly create the warrior that's right for you. No two need be the same.

Here's everything you need to create every kind of amazing, off-the-chart superhero you can imagine. GURPS Powers also include guidelines for "special effects" and several different ways to vary a power on the fly — two crucial concepts for comic-book superheroics. Inscrutable masters from hidden temples.