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We share about how good God is.

Thank u for this eye- opener: keeping listeners attention has never been a walk in the park. Give us some more as God purposes it in your heart. God bless you, pastor. Thank you very much for the insights. May God continue giving you something new to share with us. Thank you for these suggestions.

4 reasons preachers must find their own voice — Southern Equip

Not only can they be used by pastors, but they can be used in bible study classes and small groups. I did help me a lot for my preachings. Thank you pastor Rick for this advices.

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Pastor Obdulio Molina. I have doing this a long time and thank you for bringing it back to my attention. Pastor Rick Warren, you are one of my most admired people in the world. Thank you for your true heart of God. Here are three ways to keep people listening to your sermon: 1. Be open about your struggles and weaknesses. Be transparent. Say it in an interesting way.

Paula White: the pastor who helps Trump hear 'what God has to say'

Related Articles. Pastor Rick started The PEACE Plan to show the local church how God works through ordinary people to address the five global giants of spiritual emptiness, self-serving leadership, poverty, disease, and illiteracy. He is also the founder of Pastors. Leave A Comment How did this make an impact? Cancel reply. Aprille Camille May 7, at pm. Margaret Matthews January 26, at pm. Obando Ekesa January 24, at pm.

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Nelson Castro January 16, at pm. Dale Leivestad January 16, at am. She was divorced soon after. Her church had grown to nearly 20, members, making it one of the largest in the country. White is now married to Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist from the rock band Journey, and the two often travel together, including to DC to see the president.

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Two congressional investigations, one in and another in , ended without findings of wrongdoing. White coordinates meetings with faith leaders at the White House and with the Office of the Public Liaison on various humanitarian issues, including the Venezuelan crisis during our interview. She also defends the president outside Washington. Importantly, White said, she had never taken a favor from Trump and never accepted money for her work with him.

She said it was all part of being a megachurch pastor and televangelist. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Knowing this should allow freedom in sermon preparation. Every biblical text has been authored with deliberate intentions and every passage points to Christ Luke The Bible is objective truth with a specific message for mankind.

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This will change the way the message is delivered. Some water nozzles have options for different spray patterns, such as: mist, cone, jet, shower, etc. Various spray patterns are determined by tiny, little holes where the water exits the hose. The water is all the same, but it just may be delivered differently. Preacher, be amazed that God intends for you to preach Christ in your own way, in your own voice.

We can easily doubt our calling, assuming that nobody wants to hear us because we are terrible compared to others. God wants your mouth open speaking about his wonderful Son, Jesus! And no matter what you may think, there are not many voices out in the world preaching today.

Hey Preacher!

Remember, the workers are few to reap the harvest Luke People are dying who have never heard the name of Jesus. God made you who you are, with your skills, and your desires, and your personality.

God has been using the mouths of men to proclaim his wonderful message throughout the years like Charles Spurgeon and John Stott. This long list should not intimidate us. Be authentic. Give yourself to laborious study, diligent prayer, intense brainstorming, personal creativity, and practice, practice, practice. God has placed you somewhere to preach the same gospel message that faithful men have proclaimed for centuries.